VR experience Amsterdam

At vr experience Amsterdam you enter into completely new worlds. We offer an experience where you and your group can play with 1, 2 or 3 devices at the same time. You make a booking per device. You can see the scores after each game. Choose a single game or play a tournament. We can set the number of games per time and the time for each game. Large TV screens are available so that spectators are also involved in the game.

Price vr experience

At our location in Amsterdam
In your own private VR-room
Duration: 75 minutes
4 Headsets (3 regular en 1 VR race simulator)
6 – 50 persons €21,75 pp incl. 9% VAT (or €19,95 excl. VAT)

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Measures Coronavirus

VR Experience Amsterdam is open for coronaproof activities! Please read our COVID-19 Protocol carefully.

Also check out our coronaproof activities!


What can you expect at UP?

July 1, 2020


UP Events has a large area where everyone can easily reserve their own place and keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

  • Our terraces are open according to RIVM guidelines, book directly. There is no maximum number of people.
  • Choose a spot on our city beach or in one of the gardens.
  • You can drop by just to have a drink, eat, do an activity or a combination of these.
  • Our activities are open and can be booked in advance or at the door. (subject to availability)
  • Toilet facilities are open.
  • We also need your help to ensure the opening runs smoothly according to guidelines. Therefore, always keep a distance of 1.5 meters. This does not apply to people from 1 household.


In addition to the outdoor area, UP also has indoor facilities.

  • A health check is done upon entry.
  • An unlimited number of people can be here at the same time, provided the 1.5 meter rule is observed.
  • Reservations are necessary for groups larger than 100 people.
  • Each room has its own toilet facilities.
  • Each room has its own drinking facilities.
  • Showers and changing rooms are open again.

How long does vr take?

You can choose for yourself how long your virtual reality experience takes. We recommend a 75-minute virtual reality experience. You can book a virtual reality set for a certain time. If you are with multiple participants you share the virtual reality headset.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is an environment that is generated with computers and can be viewed through special Virtual Reality glasses or headset. The user sees and hears a lifelike experience that is often interactive. It is possible to explore and manipulate the environment. In the near future, we can also feel and even smell virtual reality. The ultimate goal is an experience that can no longer be distinguished from real.

VR games at vr experience Amsterdam

At UP Events you can book the vr games with colleagues, friends or family. There are 4 vr sets in our vr room. We recommend a maximum of 4 people per set so that everyone has a enough turns. The activity lasts 75 minutes as standard, but you can of course also book extra sessions. During the activity, you take turns playing various vr games. Sitting still is simply not an option! Even when it’s not your turn, vr is super cool. There is a large flat screen tv above every vr set that shows exactly what the playing participant is seeing at that moment. During the vr games there is an instructor present for instructions and help.

New: vr race simulator

The virtual reality race simulator is new at vr experience Amsterdam. You take a seat in a real racing chair. And you’ll have a Thrustmaster steering wheel in your hands with Force Feedback. This allows you to feel the signals in the steering wheel that you get in the game, such as a shock when you hit something or when you cross a threshold. That way you can respond to the situation. With the vr headset on your head, you will be completely immersed in the game. This is next level racing!

Virtual reality for large groups

Our location is suitable for groups up to 5000 people for both individuals and businesses. You can combine the virtual reality experience with a meeting, drinks, BBQ, workshop or other teambuilding activities, UP Events will be happy to make a tailor-made offer for you that suits your needs.

Virtual reality Amsterdam at our location

Virtual reality Amsterdam has a beautiful location at the Tom Schreursweg 8 in Amsterdam (at UP Events). The free parking space can accommodate more than 200 cars. And there’s a direct bus from Amsterdam Central Station (line 21) and from Amsterdam Sloterdijk (61).

what others think about VR Experience Amsterdam

Wat Vet! je zit echt compleet in een andere wereld, schrok me een hoedje toen ik de bril afdeed! toen pas besefte ik hoe erg in in het spel zat!aanrader!
Tablets UPEvents
Tablets UPEvents
08:20 24 Oct 17
We have had an amazing experience! The game was really nice to play, the location was also very good and the food was great!
Joeri Hamerling
Joeri Hamerling
09:03 23 Oct 17
The VR was great! also went into an escape room and played some laser-tag! so much fun!
Rory Ferguson
Rory Ferguson
09:03 23 Oct 17
Had a really great time
Joey Welvaadt
Joey Welvaadt
09:01 23 Oct 17
Very nice experience!!
Pim ten Broeke
Pim ten Broeke
08:45 23 Oct 17
Just WOW. Had a great experience. The best that's currently on offer in VR. Location is great. We were with a large group. BBQ, drinks and staff were superb. Will come back for more.
Daniel M
Daniel M
07:59 23 Oct 17
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